A tap leaking from the handle can be a common yet frustrating problem. This issue can waste water, increase your utility bills, and potentially damage your fixtures. Understanding why is your tap leaking from the handle and how to fix it can save you time and money. Let’s dive into the causes and solutions for a tap leaking from the handle.

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Why is your tap leaking from the handle?

There are several reasons why your tap might be leaking from the handle:

1. Worn out washers and O-rings

Over time, the washers and O-rings in your tap can wear out, causing leaks. These small rubber parts create a watertight seal in your tap. When they degrade, water can seep through and cause your tap to leak from the handle.

2. Loose packing nut

The packing nut is part of the tap’s internal mechanism that helps control water flow. If the packing nut becomes loose, it can be the cause of tap leaking from the handle. Tightening the packing nut can often fix leaking tap issue.

3. Corroded valve seat

The valve seat is where the tap connects to the spout. Corrosion can build up over time, preventing the tap from sealing properly. This can result in water leaking from the handle.

4. High water pressure

Excessive water pressure can cause various parts of your tap to malfunction, leading to leaks. If your home has high water pressure, it can put stress on your tap components, making them more likely to fail.

How to fix a tap leaking from the handle

Fixing a tap leaking from the handle is usually straightforward and can be done with some basic tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

Tools you will need:

– Adjustable wrench
– Screwdriver
– Replacement washers and O-rings
– Plumber’s tape

Step-by-step guide:
1. Turn off the water supply

Before you start any repair work, make sure to turn off the water supply to the tap. This will prevent any water from spilling out while you’re working on it.

2. Remove the tap handle

Use a screwdriver to remove the screw holding the tap handle in place. Once the screw is removed, you can take off the handle to access the internal parts.

3. Tighten the packing nut

With the handle removed, use an adjustable wrench to tighten the packing nut. This might stop the tap leaking issue. If not, you’ll need to replace the washers and O-rings.

4. Replace washers and O-rings

Carefully remove the old washers and O-rings. Take them to a hardware store to find the correct replacements. Once you have the new parts, install them in the same positions as the old ones.

5. Reassemble the tap

Put the tap back together by reattaching the handle and securing it with the screw. Make sure everything is tight and secure.

6. Turn the water supply back on

Slowly turn the water supply back on and check for leaks. If the tap is still leaking from the handle, you may need to inspect the valve seat or seek professional help.

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Preventing a tap leaking from the handle

Preventing a tap leaking from the handle can save you from future headaches. Here are some tips to help maintain your tap:

– Regular maintenance. Periodically check your tap for signs of wear and tear. Replace washers and O-rings before they fail completely.
– Control water pressure. Make sure your home’s water pressure is within the recommended range. If you’re unsure, our plumber can check it for you.
– Use quality parts. When replacing components, use high-quality parts to make sure they last longer and provide a better seal.
– Install water softeners. If you have hard water, consider installing a water softener. Hard water can cause mineral build-up, leading to corrosion and leaks.

When to call a professional plumber

While fixing a tap leaking from the handle is often a simple DIY task, there are times when you might need professional help. If you’ve tried the steps above and the tap is still leaking, or if you’re unsure about any part of the process, it’s best to call our plumber. We can quickly diagnose and fix the issue, making sure your tap functions properly.

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A tap leaking from the handle can be annoying, but it’s a common issue that can usually be fixed with a few simple steps. By understanding the causes and knowing how to address them, you can keep your tap in good working order and avoid unnecessary water waste. Remember, regular maintenance and using quality parts can go a long way in preventing leaks. If you ever feel out of your depth, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. Fixing a tap leaking from the handle right away can save you money and help conserve water. 

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