Are you experiencing a blocked drain?

Blocked drain is the silent disruptor in our daily lives, causing inconvenience and, often, unexpected chaos. In this exploration, we’ll explain the underlying mysteries behind a blocked drain, shedding light on the ten common causes that might be quietly damage beneath the surface.


One of the most prevalent reasons behind blocked drains is the casual yet persistent accumulation of hair. As we go about our daily routines, strands of hair naturally find their way into drains, forming an alliance with soap scum and other debris. This seemingly harmless combination, when left unchecked, transforms into a formidable barrier within the pipes.

The hair’s journey begins innocently enough – in the shower, during a quick brush, or while washing hands. However, once inside the drain, it becomes part of a slow and silent process of obstruction. As more hair strands join the mix, they intertwine and create a mesh that slows down the water’s escape, ultimately leading to a blocked drain.

Grease Guilt:

In the heart of the home, a kitchen, there’s an often-overlooked player causing a bit of trouble – leftover grease and fat. Many of us might casually let those cooking oils slide down the drain, thinking they’ll disappear without a trace. But guess what? This seemingly harmless move sets off a slow but troublesome chain of events.

As grease takes its leisurely trip down the drain, it goes through a makeover. When it meets the cool pipes, it transforms into a solid, sticky mess that sticks to the walls. This easygoing pour becomes the VIP ticket to a clogged drain – a greasy barrier that messes with the smooth water flow in your plumbing system.

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Foreign Object:

Drains have a curious knack for attracting foreign objects. Whether it’s children’s toys, jewellery, or everyday items, these objects can easily find their way into drains, leading to unexpected blockages.

Roots and Pipes:

Outdoors, the subtle intrusion of tree roots into underground pipes is a common yet often overlooked cause of blocked drains. These roots can infiltrate and compromise the plumbing system, resulting in gradual obstructions.

Take precautions

Taking a proactive approach means regularly checking and maintaining outdoor plumbing, especially in tree-heavy areas. Spotting early signs of root intrusion lets you step in before a gradual blockage turns into a full-blown drain issue.

Consider putting up root barriers during landscaping projects. It’s like giving your pipes an extra shield, guiding roots away and reducing the risk of blockages. This simple move helps maintain your plumbing system’s integrity and keeps root-related troubles at bay.

Soap Residue:

While soap is a daily necessity, its residue can accumulate within drains, combining with other debris to create a sticky substance that hinders water flow. Regular cleaning can prevent blocked drain.

Aging Pipes:

Just like any other component of a home, pipes age over time. Cracks, leaks, and the gradual deterioration of pipe integrity contribute to blocked drains. Routine inspections and timely repairs can mitigate these aging-related issues.

Toilet Paper:

Even the most common item in our bathrooms, toilet paper, can contribute to blocked drain when used excessively or flushed irresponsibly. Adopting proper toilet paper etiquette can prevent this common yet avoidable problem.

Blocked drain from toilet paper

Deteriorating Gaskets and Seals:

Over time, the gaskets and seals that keep pipes connected may deteriorate, leading to leaks and potential blockages. Regular inspections can identify and address these issues before they escalate.

Mineral Buildup:

Hard water can leave behind mineral deposits that gradually accumulate within pipes, forming scale. This scale buildup narrows the pipe diameter, reducing water flow and contributing to drainage issues.

Collapsed Pipes:

In more severe cases, pipes may collapse due to various factors such as shifting soil or external pressure. A collapsed pipe creates a complete obstruction, causing immediate and noticeable drainage problems.

Understanding the reasons behind a blocked drain is the first step in proactive plumbing maintenance. By addressing these common culprits, homeowners can adopt preventive measures to keep their drains flowing. If you find yourself facing persistent drainage issues, seeking professional assistance from Illawarra Plumbing & Drainer can help assure a long-term solution to keep your plumbing system in working condition.