Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services


Our plumbing services include assessing your residential drainage problems with the latest CCTV camera technology, pinpoint any major issues on the spot & aim to repair any blockages to your pipeline network right away.


years industry experience

Leak detection services


Illawarra Plumbing & Drainer provides a guaranteed same day plumbing services to fix your blocked drains, sewers & pipe network. Whether it’s an excess build up of waste, debris or other materials, we’ll get it sorted out for you quick smart.

We can handle all plumbing services including small to large sewer repairs across the South Eastern suburbs of NSW including Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Kiama & Wollongong.

Our highly skilled team of plumbers will repair your drainage and sewer issues right away using the most technologically advanced tools, equipment & high pressure jet water systems.

We value quality work & endeavour to complete every project to the highest industry standard.

Our plumbing team is always available to provide expert advice & professional recommendations.

Fast, reliable & professional plumbing services you can rely on every time.

100% customer satisfaction & work guaranteed.


For all your blocked sewer repairs, get in touch with our plumbing experts today.

Leak detection services


Illawarra Plumbing & Drainer will locate the exact cause of your gas & water leaks quickly. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, get in touch with us today to guarantee a speedy solution to your problem.

Same day turnaround service to make sure the issue doesn’t get worse.

We specialise in internal & external residential plumbing repairs. Professional leak detection equipment is used to identify the exact cause of the problem.

If you’re experiencing a gas leak, we strongly advise shutting off the main isolation valve prior to our arrival to assure maximum safety of everyone in your household. Avoid using any electrical appliances & devices until our qualified gas plumber arrives at your premises.

As local gas fitting experts, you can trust us to fix a range of serious gas leaks right away.

For emergency plumbing services, give our team a call for a quick response.


We will create an affordable water jet & camera package to suit your plumbing needs.

We use the latest CCTV camera equipment to determine the root cause of your drainage problem. This non-invasive method is safe & reliable – delivering precise & accurate results every time.

No costly excavations needed as the camera technology does all the work for you. Suitable for use in a variety of drains including storm water & sewer pipes.

Easily locates objects such as leaves, tree branches, rubbish build up, debris & other materials.

Save time, money & plumbing resources – meaning more money in your pocket.

Need help identifying your blocked drain concerns? Illawarra Plumbing & Drainer can help. Get in touch with us today.

Leak detection services


Leaking toilet? Experiencing toilet blockages? Our experienced plumbers can repair a range of toilet issues including pipes, valves and flushing mechanisms.  We’ll make sure your toilet is operating like brand new again.

 We come fully equipped with parts needed for immediate onsite repairs.

Competitive quotes on repairs, replacement and installation of high quality toilets.

Emergency plumbing services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With over 15 years plumbing experience, we’ve got all your toilet installs & repairs covered.

Our plumbing services are reliable, fast, and high-quality, guaranteeing your satisfaction every time.

Highly trained & experienced plumbing professionals

>>> If your toilet isn’t operating at maximum efficiency, call Illawarra Plumbing & Drainer today.

Leak detection services